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The agency had been bought by the current owner 11 days before the abuse occurred. The new owner had not hired the agency nurses and did not assume any liability of the prior owner related to hiring its nurses. The case has implications for those of you who work for a staffing agency. First and foremost, it is essential that you read the contract you sign with your agency for all of its components, but specifically for who is your employer. For instance, if the agency retains control over such things as your evaluations, intervenes for you with a facility when problems or patient care disagreements arise and decided when to terminate you, the agency is probably your employer. If, in contrast, the facility to which you are assigned takes over these duties, then the facility may be seen as your employer under the contract and under the applicable laws of the state in which you work. What these mean, in reality, is if you are named in a suit for a patient injury, you may be sitting next to the facility’s representatives, rather than the nurse staffing agency, in the courtroom. The case also illustrates the importance of providing non-negligent care to patients regardless of who your employer is. In addition, when there is a concern about patient care, you need to inform both the facility and the agency about your concerns, regardless of what the contract states. This allows you to fulfill your duty to report concerns about patient care and involve all entities that surround your work at the facility to get the patient the care he or she needs. Patient care advocacy, providing non-negligent care and ensuring you are protecting your nursing practice are important regardless of what a contract might say about the issues discussed in this case and any others that may arise.

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